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We provide objective commentary on the challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s cellular agriculture sector. We bring companies, researchers and other organisations together, make meaningful connections and convene cross sectoral conversations. Our approach is grounded in open dialogue and participatory engagement and is focused on realising the impact-potential of the sector as quickly as possible.

We believe that through advocating on behalf of the sector, we can positively influence its development and ultimate success. Through our technical knowledge, visibility across the ecosystem and outreach activities, we enable stakeholder groups to express their views, thoughts and concerns for the industry, and provide access to valuable information and advice.

Our White Paper

An Opportunity to Diversify Australia’s Food System

Our white paper, released in August 2022, outlines the need for public investment and support for cellular agriculture across three key areas. We believe swift action across all three is critical if the Australian cellular agriculture sector is to reach its full potential. They are:

  1. Developing a skilled and future-fit workforce to enable commercialisation and industry growth
  2. Deepening Australia’s cross- disciplinary, open access cellular agriculture research
  3. Establishing at-scale manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure 

Australia’s nascent industry is at the stage where national strategic coordination and targeted public investment are needed to propel new advanced production opportunities. With a world-leading agricultural sector, superb stem cell research, and growing access to advanced manufacturing infrastructure, Australia is well positioned to become a leader in cellular agriculture.

The full report is supplemented by an executive summary and FAQs.

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