Cellular Agriculture Australia


Meat the Scientists

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

A virtual meet & greet with your local cell ag researchers Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. we have postponed our "How to Save the Planet" event for September 28th However, we are now running a community event on Monday 16th. You could call this an ‘appetiser’ to the main event in September to give you […]


Future Food for Thought: serving research pathways in alt protein

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

"Future Food for Thought: serving research pathways in alt protein" is a panel discussion by UniMelb Alt Pro Initiative happening on 2:15-3:30 pm AEST - Tuesday, 24th Aug, and everyone interested is welcome to join! Have you been thinking about pursuing research in the FUTURE OF FOOD? Join researchers from the Future Food Hallmark Research Initiative to learn […]


Future Farming Webinar Registration

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

Hello, welcome to the Future Farming Webinar hosted by iGEM Uppsala. We have invited speakers across academia and industry to discuss various topics related to the future of farming. Day 1: August 29th 10:15 - 13:45 (GMT+2) Day 2: August 30th 16:45 - 21:30 (GMT+2) Location: Online (Zoom) - After the webinar presentations each day, […]


The Know-how of Starting Your CellAg Career with Vow

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

"The Know-how of Starting Your CellAg Career with Vow" is a talk and panel discussion by UniMelb Alt Protein Initiative happening on 4-5 pm AEST - Tuesday 21st Sept! Everyone is welcome to the event! Want to know how to kickstart your food tech career in the up-and-coming field of cellular agriculture?  Join us in a discussion […]

2021 Good Food Conference – Online

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

This year’s conference will be our deepest dive yet into alt proteins. Each day and each session has been intentionally designed to focus on the path ahead. We will bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and corporate leaders from around the world, with the express intent of accelerating change, eliminating obstacles, and scaling solutions across our global food system. This in-depth, cross-sector gathering will be laser-focused on the power and potential of alternative proteins to fundamentally change food and agriculture for the better.
The Good Food Conference has a limited number of fee-waived scholarships for attendees with limited conference budgets, such as students and early career professionals. Apply for a fee-waived registration here: http://gfi.org/good-food-conference/registration-waiver-form

Free – $295

Cellular Agriculture: End of the Year Summit 2021

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

The Cellular Agriculture: End of the Year Summit 2021 is a 1-day virtual summit bringing together leaders in the cellular agriculture field to highlight the field’s achievements and accomplishments Join us on December 9th to celebrate the field’s successes and predict the trends moving forward into 2022. From keynotes to panel sessions, hear from and […]


Fermentation Enabled – Alternative Protein Innovation 2022

The Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Innovation Summit explores key challenges and opportunities in the successful commercialization of fermentation-enabled alternative proteins for human consumption. It brings together key decision-makers from biotech & food tech, multinational CPG, independent food brands, and ingredient suppliers to advance the alternative protein industry. The Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Innovation Summit returns in person to explore key […]

Future of Protein Production Summit

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

The Future of Protein Production Summit is the must attend virtual event for any company involved in making the global food system more sustainable, kind and fair for the planet, people, and animals. The senior executive-level conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this highly complex issue with world-leading experts and showcase a […]

Is Biology The Future of Technology?

What would the world look like if we transitioned from industrial-based to nature based innovation? What would business look like if it were based on the principles of biology? What would economics look like if it was based on ecology?

In our resource-constrained world, the concept of ‘business as usual’ is no longer fit for purpose. Co-Labs Melbourne is on a mission to catalyse biotechnological innovation and support our transition towards a regenerative, circular, bio-based economy.

This two-part event series will explore the critical factors impacting out life and world today and showcase world-changing solutions under development by a range of Melbourne biotechnology startups.

In the first event, attendees will learn about the emerging fields of science that lead the systemic transformation in how we think and approach life. Fields such as biomimcry, biodesign, living systems thinking, circular economics and regenerative development.

Following this educational presentation, an inspiring showcase will highlight several exciting Melbourne-based biotechnology startups that are turning to nature to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

AltProteins 2022 Conference

AltProteins 22, Australia and New Zealand's first-ever alternative proteins conference, will take place in Melbourne on 16 February 2022. Hosted by Food Frontier, the event will gather producers, policymakers, retailers, innovators and investors to explore how the region can realise the full economic potential presented by alternative proteins. As the first-ever alternative proteins conference for […]

Protein Futures – Innovative science and technology for today and tomorrow

The global population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, fuelling the demand for protein. The world will need to produce more protein, more sustainably, from a variety of sources. As a major producer and exporter of protein, Australia's agrifood industry is well placed to develop novel, differentiated protein products that meet the requirements and changing dietary patterns of the modern health- and welfare-conscious consumer.

This symposium will address the challenges and current state of science and technology in protein production for the future, providing an open forum for leading protein and food scientists to discuss challenges and opportunities in partnership with industry stakeholders and thought leaders.

The symposium will also explore how novel protein ingredients meet the nutritional requirements of both humans, livestock and aquaculture. We will also explore the social science and sustainability aspects of alternative proteins that will be critical in terms of consumer acceptance.