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Virtual Meetup by FoodHack Brisbane

Life is complex, nuanced and ambiguous. It's impossible to know everything. But, something that's become very clear over the last few years is that our food system is - by definition - broken. It's inequitable and unevenly distributed. It's inefficient. It is almost certainly contributing negatively to the planetary boundaries that we need to operate within to ensure a better future.
So what can we do about it?


Future Foods at the World Science Festival

From 3D printed food to future superfoods, agricultural technologies, world hunger solutions and more, our Future Foods program has been designed to explore the exciting opportunities in the future of food.

Explore the challenges facing our global community when it comes to the production, distribution and consumption of food. From emerging technologies in agriculture to food security, test tube steaks, 3D printed desserts.


Cellular Agriculture: Asia Summit 2021

Cellular Agriculture Australia is proud to be an official partner with Cellular Agriculture Asia Summit 2021, and you can get a 15% discount by using our offer code: https://asia2021.cell.ag/tickets/?coupon=CAA15.
At the summit speakers will be highlighting the successes of the cellular agriculture field across Asia and predict the trends moving forward in 2021.


“Thought for food – What will we eat in the future?” A Pint of Science Event

A food crisis is looming. The world’s population is projected to double by 2100, and there is a limit to how many people the planet can feed. What will happen when global agricultural resources dwindle and climate change further impacts food production stability? Australian researchers and industries are finding creative solutions for this impending problem. Join host Julian O’Shea and our panel as we make a foray into the future of food. From genetically modified crops to petri–dish grown meat, what can we expect to see on our plates in the future?


Future Food Asia 2021

The FFA Conference has become the voice of agrifood innovation in Asia Pacific, and brings together decision makers from leading agriculture and food corporations, influential investors, rising innovators and other key ecosystem players together. Over the coming 5 months the FFA Jury will select 10 startup finalists compete for the US$ 100,000 grand prize. In the past four years FFA has acted as springboard for innovators and empowered 40+ early stage startups from Asia Pacific by providing them the stage to present their cutting-edge innovations and distributed over $1 million (USD) in awards. The startup finalists will showcase their innovations at the Future Food Asia 2021 Conference in June.


Future Food Tech – Virtual

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

Future Food-Tech is launching a summit dedicated to alternative proteins! On June 22-23, C-Suite food brand executives, investors and entrepreneurs from all four corners of the globe will come together to accelerate new partnerships and collaboration opportunities.

Cell Based Meat and the Future of Food: Policy and Politics

Professor Warner will present on her research on the production of alternative proteins and the development of sustainable, healthy and affordable protein products as Chair of the University of Melbourne’s Future Food Hallmark Initiative. Professor Warner will draw on the major research themes of the project, including human nutrition, lifecycle analysis and water footprints, food […]


AIFST Conference 2021

The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) is Australia’s only national independent membership network and voice for food industry professionals. AIFST supports a wide range of members from food scientists, food technologists; food processing engineers; QA Managers; R&D, marketing and regulatory professionals; academics; students; and food company Directors. AIFST has a strong reputation for facilitating […]


3rd Industrialising Cell-Based Meats and Seafood Summit 2021

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

Successfully Commercializing Cellular Agriculture for Human Consumption at Scale With the first-ever regulatory approval for cell-based meat product confirmed late last year in Singapore, it is no wonder the cellular agriculture industry has seen growing interest from biotech, food & meats companies and consumers alike, with a plethora of start-ups launching into the sector, and […]

$1400 – $2500

The Future of Food

Virtual Online, Worldwide, VIC

UNSW/Johannes Le Coutre National Science Week Event Food is essential for life, but the global systems we rely on to feed us have become increasingly complex and industrialised. Sometimes it’s hard to know where our food comes from, what’s in it and how healthy or ethically produced it is. Paradoxically, as a global community we face major challenges based on both too much food, […]