Cellular Agriculture Australia


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A free online course exploring the science behind plant-based and cultivated meat.

Good Food Institute

In 15 minutes, GFI’s Senior Scientist provides a comprehensive overview of the history of clean meat, the technological steps of producing clean meat and an overview of the marketplace today.

These modules will take you from zero to one on the foundations of the science behind cultivated meat. Estimated time: 16 hours

All of the lecture slides and laboratory protocols from the 13 week Cellular Agriculture Course at Tufts University.


Get up to speed on the global cultivated meat industry as it was at the end of 2020. This report details the commercial landscape, investments, regulatory developments, and scientific progress in the rapidly accelerating field of producing meat through cellular agriculture. To help you through the report, there is a companion video.


Instructors don’t have to create their curriculum from scratch. You can find the building blocks of alternative protein courses in our Curriculum Materials Repository, including syllabi, powerpoints, recommended readings, and assessment tools from existing alternative protein curricula. All these resources are open-access, ready for an instructor to adapt and transform them to teach students about alternative proteins in new, globally relevant ways.