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Newsletter #17

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Events | Jobs | Invest | Cell Ag Superstar: Irina Gerry from Change Foods

Explore Nourish Ingredients’ lab πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ | Map of Cell Ag in Australia 🌏 | World’s first cultivated meat industrial plant πŸ”

Events | Jobs | Podcast | Merck Research Grant | Cell Ag Superstar: Paul from Magic Valley 🐏

We’ve partnered with AIFST21! 🌏 | Cell Ag Company Spotlight: Agritechnology πŸ’Ό | Latest Cell Ag Research Papers 🧫

Events | Jobs | Invest | Cell Ag Superstar: Luis from Me&Ma 🍼

Cultivated chicken via delivery app πŸ— | Breakthrough in 3D beef steak production πŸ₯© | Seeking Cell Culture scientists! 🧫

Events | Jobs | Invest | Cell Ag Superstar: Grace from Nourish Ingredients

Nourish Ingredients secure $11million USD πŸ’°| Spinach scaffold for meat production πŸƒ

πŸ“£ Pathways Into Cell Ag Launch πŸ“£| Events | Career Opportunities | Cell Ag Superstar: Junior Te’o

22 of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Cell Ag πŸ’‘

Events | Career Opportunities | Cell Ag Superstar: Cecilia Chang 🌟

World’s first cultivated ribeye steak πŸ₯© | Animal-free🍦launches in Hong Kong | Novel continuous cell culture technology

Career opportunities | Events | Cell Ag Superstar: Derek Wang πŸ’»

Vow secures $7.7M | PhD scholarship for seafood research 🐟

Career opportunities | Events | Crayfish science πŸ”¬

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