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Pint of Science AU

A food crisis is looming. The world’s population is projected to double by 2100, and there is a limit to how many people the planet can feed. What will happen when global agricultural resources dwindle and climate change further impacts food production stability? Australian researchers and industries are finding creative solutions for this impending problem. Join host Julian O’Shea and our panel (with our very own founder Dr. Bianca Lê!) as we make a foray into the future of food. From genetically modified crops to petri–dish grown meat, what can we expect to see on our plates in the future?

Convergence Science Network

Dr. Bianca Lê, Director of Cellular Agriculture Australia
Professor Johannes le Coutre, School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney

Blackbird Ventures

George Peppou, Co-founder & CEO, Vow
Dr. Bianca Lê, Director of Cellular Agriculture Australia
Matt Gibson, Co-founder & CEO, New Culture
Sam Wong, Partner at Blackbird (moderator)