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Pathways into Cell Ag

This is the start of your journey into cellular agriculture

Can you see yourself working with some of the world’s greatest minds to produce sustainable, ethical food for our growing population?

We have developed an interactive online tool that will help you navigate a STEM pathway into cellular agriculture.

How does it work?

  1. Search :mag:
    Start with ‘Major’ to find your area of expertise – each Major will have a list of associated research problems to solve.
    Or start with ‘Problems to solve’ to find a list of research problems in cell ag – each Problem will have a list of associated majors
  2. Filter ✔️
    Filter Majors and Problems by the discipline you’re interested in: Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics
  3. Explore 🧠
    Explore Associated Majors and Problems to see what skills you need or how you can apply your existing skills into cellular agriculture
  4. Save ❤️
    Heart your favourite Majors and Problems to save your options
  5. Find 🎓
    Find a University in Australia according to your location – and search for a relevant degree, short course, or research lab!


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