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Our 2022 Annual Report

Check out what we’ve been up to and what we’ve achieved over the past year, and some honest reflections on the challenges we faced as an organisation.

You can also read about our new strategy and how we plan to positively influence Australia’s cellular agriculture sector in the years ahead.

Cellular Agriculture Australia is a not-for-profit dedicated to developing a future-fit workforce, open access research and an enabling environment for a thriving cellular agriculture industry in Australia

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Humans are currently eating more meat than our planet can afford

Humans are currently consuming more animal products than our planet can afford.

We live on a finite planet that is being pushed beyond its limits. Intensive animal agriculture is a major contributor to many significant global challenges: climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss, animal welfare, food insecurity and increased public health threats such as animal to human disease and antimicrobial resistance.

Rising global demands for protein will only exacerbate these issues because the current methods for raising animals for food are unsustainable and insufficient for our growing population.

Cellular agriculture offers us the potential to sustainably produce a range of agricultural products using cells and biotechnology to meet future demands.

Start Your Journey

We are a registered Australian charity focused on enabling the future of cellular agriculture in Australia through awareness, education and research.

Our aim is to ensure Australia has a future-fit pipeline of talent and a thriving research sector dedicated to fundamental research and applied R&D. We believe that a focus in these areas can propel the entire industry forward.

We’re always interested to hear from talented people keen and able to contribute to our strategic direction. If you’re driven to make impact, have an interest in the field, we would love to hear from you.


What Is Cellular Agriculture?

Cellular agriculture allows us to create animal-derived products using cell-based biotechnologies, instead of whole animals. It presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to rewrite animal agriculture and have a positive impact on climate change, biodiversity loss, animal suffering and public health

What You Can Do

Australia is ripe
with research talent and
development opportunities.

By making Australia a world leader in the cellular agriculture sector, we can transform the way we produce food and biomaterials in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Be part of this change.

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