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Our publications are a leading resource in understanding the landscape of cellular agriculture in Australia. 

Read our latest reports and articles detailing investment opportunities, regulation needs, economic opportunities and more. Explore these resources as well as key reports about recent outcomes and strategy at Cellular Agriculture Australia.

Featured Publications

Our 2022 Annual Report

Download your copy to read about our achievements in 2022 as well as our honest reflections on some of the challenges we faced. 

The report also provides an outlook on our new strategy and how we plan to positively influence the cellular agriculture sector in Australia in the years ahead.

National Reconstruction Fund Submission

View CAA’s submission to the Australian Governments National Reconstruction Fund consultation paper.

The submission was made on behalf of the cellular agriculture sector in Australia and formally endorsed by 13 organisations. The submission draws heavily on our whitepaper – An Opportunity to Diversify Australia’s Food System.


What’s next for Vow on the path to regulatory approval in Australia?

First cultivated meat application to FSANZ.

Cellular agriculture: a crucial opportunity for Australia

Submitted for Food Australia and AIFST.

Industry White Paper

Our white paper, released in August 2022, outlines the need for public investment and support for cellular agriculture across three key areas...

Magic Valley Opens Its Doors

Magic Valley, the second cultivated meat company established in Australia, hosted its first public outreach event...

Annual Report 2021

View our key wins and insights from 2021, as well as a breakdown of our strategy for the next year.

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