Cellular Agriculture Australia

Beginners' Resources

New Harvest | Website

New Harvest is a nonprofit organisation that funds and supports open research in cellular agriculture. The term ‘cellular agriculture’ was first coined in 2015 by Isha Datar, Executive Director of New Harvest.

The Good Food Institute | Website

The Good Food Institute is one of the main non-profits galvanising the development of alternative proteins by tackling scientific, industrial and policy challenges. 

CellAgri | ebook

This ebook is a complete introduction to the field, no science knowledge necessary.

Massive Science & New Harvest | Report

This report has 9 articles; the first three articles discuss the “why”, the next three look at the “what”, and the final three describe the “how” of cultivated meat.

Mosa Meat | Video

This 2 minute video explains how we grow beef from the stem cells of a cow.

Good Food Institute | Manual

A comprehensive manual for students interested in getting involved in the cultivated and plant-based meat space.

Good Food Institute | Video

In 15 minutes, GFI’s Senior Scientist provides a comprehensive overview of the history of clean meat, the technological steps of producing clean meat and an overview of the marketplace today.


A free online course created by MIT students and alumni, that is a handy beginners resource to cellular agriculture.

Nathan Merzvinskis| 4 written modules

These modules will take you from zero to one on the foundations of the science behind cultivated meat. Estimated time: 16 hours

Kristopher Gasteratos | Paper

This paper lists the prospective benefits that cellular agriculture may offer upon global-scale introduction this century.

Deep Dive

Alex Shirazi | Podcast

Cultured Meat and Future Food is a short-form podcast series discussing the role of plant based food, clean meat, and food technology. The show is focused on asking industry leaders questions for an audience with a non-scientific background.

Good Food Institute | Explainer

Learn about the science of cultivated meat and the challenges that must be addressed for commercial production.

Good Food Institute| Explainer

Learn about the emerging role of microbial fermentation in building the next generation of alternative protein products. 

Good Food institute | Database

GFI has too many resources for us to link to here. Please just visit and browse theirs to find what is of interest to you. To start you off, here is their Solutions Database. Its a full list of opportunities to advance alternative proteins! For example, filter the solutions for cultivated meat or fermentation under the “Production Platform” heading

Industry Insights

Get up to speed on the global cultivated meat industry as it was at the end of 2020. This report details the commercial landscape, investments, regulatory developments, and scientific progress in the rapidly accelerating field of producing meat through cellular agriculture. To help you through the report, there is a companion video.

Good Food Institute | Website

There is far too much about the industry of cellular agriculture to link to here, so please explore GFI’s extensive website to learn more.

Good Food Institute | Report and Video

Fermentation has emerged as the third pillar of alternative proteins. New applications are transforming the industry, improving the taste and texture of alternative protein products. This report covers 2020 developments in the competitive landscape, innovation opportunities, product and ingredient applications, investment trends, regulatory status, and more. To help you through the report, there is a companion video.

New Protein | Landscape maps

Up-to-date landscape maps of companies, nonprofits, and investors in the Alternative Protein space.


Robert Yaman

This is a review of publicly available patent applications. As Robert explains, these do not necessarily reflect what is happening right now as the patent process is slow – what is released to the public could have been filed up to 18 months earlier. Last updated Aug 2020.
*Robert’s review is a personal analysis only and not to be used in lieu of advice from a patent lawyer*

Nate Crosser

Emerging biotechnologies for an ecological revolution. Particularly, how cellular agriculture, biofabrication, & bioagronomics will enable a multi-planetary, post-animal, and decarbonized bioeceonomy built on the principles of industrial ecology

Academic Papers

Elliot Swartz has compiled a list of academic papers relevant to cultivated meat in a program called PaperPile. Check it out and download to your heart’s content! 

Claire Bomkamp/GFI has compiled a list of academic papers relevant to cultivated meat in a spreadsheet program called AirTable. It’s a little less intuitive to use but you can filter to get exactly the papers you want! Unfortunately, some of the papers aren’t open access so you can’t view without purchasing or institutional access 

Consumer research on examining the nature and extent of acceptance of dairy products derived from precision fermentation, by Oscar Zollman Thomas and Christopher Bryant

One of the challenges to producing cultivated meat is a scaffold that promotes growth of muscle cells in a fibrous manner; why not use grass!?

Online Courses

Good Food Institute

A free online course exploring the science behind plant-based and cultivated meat.

Tufts University | David Kaplan Laboratory

All of the lecture slides and laboratory protocols from the 13 week Cellular Agriculture Course at Tufts University.

Good Food Institute

Instructors don’t have to create their curriculum from scratch. You can find the building blocks of alternative protein courses in our Curriculum Materials Repository, including syllabi, powerpoints, recommended readings, and assessment tools from existing alternative protein curricula. All these resources are open-access, ready for an instructor to adapt and transform them to teach students about alternative proteins in new, globally relevant ways.

Nathan Merzvinskis | 4 written modules

These modules will take you from zero to one on the foundations of the science behind cultivated meat. Estimated time: 16 hours


A free online course created by MIT students and alumni, that is a handy beginners resource to cellular agriculture.


Paul Shapiro

How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World

Jacy Reese

How Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Activists Are Building An Animal-Free Food System

Chase Purdy

Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food

Koert van Mensvoort

This cookbook aims to move beyond in vitro meat as inferior fake-meat replacement, to explore its creative prospects and visualize what in vitro meat products might be on our plate one day.

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