Cellular Agriculture Australia

Who We Are

Cellular Agriculture Australia is a not for profit organisation with charitable status, founded in 2020 by cell biologist Dr Bianca Le. 

We believe that cellular agriculture can play a critical role in diversifying food production, strengthening food security and helping meet growing global demand for protein and other products, sustainably. This new approach to food production has the potential to deliver significant benefits for human, animal and planetary health. 

We are a small and nimble team, powered by dedicated and passionate science communicators, food technologists, researchers and engineers.

Our Intent

We want to see Australia as a leader in a global cellular agriculture sector that has reached its impact potential.

We are enabling the future of cellular agriculture in Australia through awareness, education, research and advocacy.

Our Focus Areas

We work with and advocate on behalf of the cellular agriculture sector to enable and support its future growth, sustainability and impact.

We nurture the development of a diverse and future-fit pipeline of talent to meet the immediate and future needs of the sector in Australia.

We provide an objective evidence-based voice to raise awareness about the sector and its potential for Australia.

What You Can Do

We believe that everyone has something to bring to the table.