Cellular Agriculture Australia

Everything We Do Is Outcome Oriented

Our intention is to propel Australia’s entire cellular agriculture sector forward. To do this, our work focuses on raising awareness, creating education opportunities to build a future-fit pipeline of talent, and enabling critical fundamental research and applied R&D.

Seed Grants

Catalysing new research in cellular agriculture

Launching soon, our Seed Grant program is designed to attract new researchers into the field and support novel and open access cellular agriculture research in Australia. 

Our seed grant funding will enable researchers in relevant disciplines (such as tissue engineering, food science, cell biology, advanced manufacturing and consumer science), not yet undertaking cellular agriculture research for food production, to apply their skills to the field.


Our education programs begin by raising awareness about cellular agriculture, before taking audiences on a path to building deeper knowledge and skills about STEM and non-STEM related topics and career pathways in the field.

We deliver a range of engaging and interactive presentations and workshops to raise awareness about the rapidly evolving field of cellular agriculture.

Our online learning management system features Australian and industry experts and is designed to build foundational knowledge of the science behind cellular agriculture and the ecosystem in Australia.

We design and deliver customised training experiences and workshops to develop specific skills and apply them in a controlled environment.


Kickstart your career in cellular agriculture

Our ‘Pathways’ tool is a world-first and open access resource designed to drive new talent into the field. This interactive career exploration tool highlights the multidisciplinary opportunities available in, and required, to advance the field. It is useful for students, graduates and professionals looking to pivot towards a career in cellular agriculture.

Get Involved

If you’re excited by our work and would like to support us to scale our impact, find out how you can help.