Cellular Agriculture Australia

Meet The Team

Founder & Director

Bianca Le, PhD

Bianca is a cell biologist who is passionate about the capacity for science to do good. She completed her PhD in Anatomy and Developmental Biology at the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University. 

She has experience in STEM policy from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, where she contributed to national policy projects spanning women in STEM, waste management and science diplomacy. Bianca is also a science communicator, and has previously given public talks, spoken on radio, and published articles on various topics including science policy, diversity in STEM, ecology, biomedicine, and cellular agriculture.

In 2018, Bianca was elected Treasurer for Effective Altruism Melbourne, a nonprofit dedicated to using evidence and reason to figure out how to benefit others most effectively, and taking action on that basis.


Chloe Dempsey

Chloe is a recent graduate of Peking University’s Yenching Academy and currently works in the office of the CEO at Minderoo Foundation and Tattarang.

Chloe’s Master’s thesis examined the market for cultured meat in China and was funded by the Cellular Agriculture Society. Chloe also holds undergraduate degrees in law and international relations from the University of Western Australia.

Resident in China from early 2016-2020, Chloe has contributed to the bilateral relationship through leadership roles with the Australia China Youth Association and Australia China Youth Dialogue.

Chloe is passionate about democratising the application of technology to promote broad social and environmental impact.


Stuart Aitken

Stuart is an experienced and award-winning business strategy consultant and applied econometrician in training at Melbourne Business School.

Stuart has consulted for several Fortune 500 and ASX-200 listed organisations such as NAB, PayPal, Ford, General Motors and Telstra, with experience across a range of industries including education, financial services, automotive, construction and consumer goods. Stuart has also earned experience consulting for a range of Government organisations including Quit Victoria.

He’s passionate about learning what drives human behaviour, and using insight to inform commercial services, products and technology that create value for consumers and organisations alike.


Lisa Musgrove

Lisa is a research student at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where she is working on cultivated crustacean meat.

She completed a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) at USC in 2020 and has a BA in History & Geography from the University of Western Australia.  Her early career involved roles in Quality Assurance, Systems Management and Customer Relations. She re-discovered a passion for science later in life and this coincided with increased awareness about the terrible environmental and animal welfare impacts of our food system. Learning about cellular agriculture and its potential inspired her to return to university to pursue a new career in this field.

Lisa is passionate about increasing cell ag awareness amongst students and helping them find ways to get involved. When not being a cell-ag nerd, she loves jogging, cooking plant-based meals and hanging out with her dogs, family, and friends.

Advisory Board

Cultured Meat Symposium
& Cultured Meat and Future Food Show

Public Health Registrar
Monash University

Business Analyst

Executive Director
New Harvest

University of New South Wales

Co-founder & CTO
Shiok Meats 

University of Melbourne

Professor & Board Director
Monash University & Dairy Australia